class ampligraph.latent_features.RandomUniform(initializer_params={}, verbose=True, seed=0)

Initializes from a uniform distribution with specified low and high

\[\mathcal{U} (low, high)\]


__init__([initializer_params, verbose, seed]) Initialize the Uniform initialization strategy
__init__(initializer_params={}, verbose=True, seed=0)

Initialize the Uniform initialization strategy

  • initializer_params (dict) –

    Consists of key-value pairs. The initializer will check the keys to get the corresponding params:

    • low: (float). lower bound for uniform number (default: -0.05)
    • high: (float): upper bound for uniform number (default: 0.05)

    Example: initializer_params={'low': 0, 'high': 0.01}

  • verbose (bool) – Enable/disable verbose mode
  • seed (int/np.random.RandomState) – random state for random number generator