• Linux Box
  • Python ≥ 3.6

Provision a Virtual Environment

Create and activate a virtual environment (conda)

conda create --name ampligraph python=3.6
source activate ampligraph

Install TensorFlow

AmpliGraph is built on TensorFlow 1.x. Install from pip or conda:


pip install tensorflow==1.12.0


conda install tensorflow=1.12.0

GPU support

pip install tensorflow-gpu==1.12.0


conda install tensorflow-gpu=1.12.0

Install AmpliGraph

Install the latest stable release from pip:

pip install ampligraph

If instead you want the most recent development version, you can clone the repository and install from source (your local working copy will be on the latest commit on the develop branch). The code snippet below will install the library in editable mode (-e):

git clone
cd AmpliGraph
pip install -e .

Sanity Check

>> import ampligraph
>> ampligraph.__version__